Off-Campus PE (OCPE) Waivers for Middle & High School Students

Capital Area Aquatics is an approved off-campus PE (OCPE) organization for students in the Eanes, Lake Travis, Leander, Round Rock (pending 2023-2024 school year), Liberty Hills (pending 2022-2023 school year), Dripping Springs school districts, and many private schools. There are two categories of PE waivers; please check with your school to see which waivers are offered:

  • Category 1 Waiver: Student must be participating in a program that leads to Olympic level of participation and/or competition for a minimum of 15 hours per week of highly intense, professionally supervised training. It must total a minimum of 270 hours per semester. Student may be dismissed from school one period per day.
  • Category 2 Waiver: Student must be participating in a program that is of high quality, well supervised by appropriately trained instructors, and consisting of a minimum of 5 hours per school week. It must total a minimum of 90 hours per semester. Student can receive a PE credit, but may not leave campus for any portion of the school day.

Swimmers in the Silver, Gold, and National Development (Cedar Park) groups are eligible for a Category 2 PE waiver (middle school students should check to see if their district offers a Category 2 PE waiver first). Swimmers in the Gold and National Development (Cedar Park) groups are eligible for a Category 1 PE waiver as long as they meet the requirement of swimming 15 hours each week. If you are participating in our program on a PE waiver, you must come to all scheduled swim practices and participate in swim meets (with the exception of excused absences due to injury or illness) to maintain your eligibility.

Each school district has different paperwork and processing requirements for requesting a PE waiver. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to collect and submit the proper paperwork to CAA for approval and to submit that paperwork back to your school campus for processing. All requests for PE waivers should be submitted to your child's coach. CAA will provide you with a letter of enrollment in our program and sign any other paperwork required by your school. Please allow two to three business days for processing.

At the end of each grading term, CAA will verify your hours and sign your school's grading report. Please submit your grading report a few days before the due date to your coach. For students in the Lake Travis and Round Rock ISDs, we will submit your grading report directly to your school campus (because students in the LTISD and RRISD are not allowed to submit their own reports--it must be delivered by CAA).

We will keep attendance for swimmers who participate in our program and use our program for a Category 1 or Category 2 PE waiver with their school. Swimmers on a PE waiver must complete the required number of hours as set by Texas State law and be current on their swim team dues at all times. Please allow three business days for us to verify your hours and sign your grading reports. Please note that if you withdraw from our program for any reason in the middle of a grading period, or fail to complete the required number of hours, we are required by our vendor agreement with the school to notify the counseling office of your status. Swimmers may not use time spent practicing or competing in other sports or activities as part of their CAA swimming PE waiver requirements.

For more information about PE waivers, please use the links below. PE waivers are usually handled by the school counseling office. If you have questions about PE waivers, your child's school counselor is usually the best person to contact.

Lake Travis ISD--all schools

Eanes ISD

Leander ISD--all schools

Dripping Springs ISD--all schools  

Round Rock ISD--all schools (*Note: application for OCPE is pending, estimated date May 2023)

Liberty Hill ISD--all schools (*Note application for OCPE is pending, estimated date May 2022)

Last update: 6/7/22