CAA Billing & Withdrawal Policies

(effective 10/31/2022)

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY AS IT EXPLAINS OUR BILLING & WITHDRAWAL POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR PE WAIVERS. These policies are subject to amendment from time to time. Any changes to these policies will be communicated to current members via email. Refusal to comply with any team, Safe Sport, or USA Swimming policies will result in termination of CAA team membership.

Billing, Withdrawal, and Team Policies

CAA bills all fees to your account and all charges are processed electronically. We require all members to have a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or bank account (for ACH transactions) on file. Monthly training fees are billed to your account on the first of each month. Any other fees, such as meet entry fees and team fees, are added to your account and will be processed to your credit card when added to your account. There are no refunds for any reason, including changing your mind or not participating, after registering your swimmer in our program.

The annual team fee is assessed for all swimmers in August or when they join during each CAA team membership year of August 1 to July 31.

Swimmers will be asked to purchase swimming gear based on their practice group and will need to bring their gear to practice each day.

Payments not received by the 10th of each month will be assessed a $25 late fee. After the 15th, accounts with past due balances will be suspended and the swimmer will not be allowed to participate in practices, meets, or any team events until all charges have been paid.

Due to the amount of time required and the additional processing fees our team incurs to re-process declined transactions, a $25 fee will be added to your account for each declined transaction.

Any member who participates in any practice, training activity, team event, and/or swim meet during a calendar month must pay the full dues for that month. Monthly fees are not prorated or adjusted for any reason, including, but not limited to, practice cancelations due to inclement weather, coach absences due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, or during a swim meet or other team event that conflicts with the practice schedule; pool closures due to weather or other conditions involving safety, water temperature, circulation, or chemicals; and holidays.

CAA reserves the right to refuse service and membership for nonpayment; for failure of any parent, guardian, or athlete to comply with the team’s rules, Safe Sport rules, and/or USA Swimming rules; or for any engagement in conduct that is detrimental or prejudicial to the team’s interests or its operations, its staff, or any other team member. Any parents, guardians, swimmers, family members, or other persons violating the team, Safe Sport, and/or USA Swimming rules will be warned, and a continued refusal to comply with team, Safe Sport, and/or USA Swimming rules will constitute grounds for immediate termination of team membership for that family’s registered swimmer(s), with no refund for any services provided. 

Withdrawals from our Program

Membership on the CAA team continues until you notify us of your intent to withdraw. Any withdrawals from our program require written notice via email to [email protected] by 11:59pm Austin time on the 25th of the month prior to the withdrawal to avoid being billed for the following month. For example, to stop swimming (and to stop paying monthly training fees) on October 31, please send written notice of the withdrawal by 11:59pm on October 25. Notices received after the 25th will result in monthly fees being charged for the next month. For example, written notice received on October 26 will result in a withdrawal date of November 30 and the member will be billed for November.

If you choose to withdraw from our program and plan to re-enroll later, please understand that we have waitlists for certain groups and you might be placed on a waitlist before you can return. If you want to hold your spot in our program, you will need to continue paying monthly dues.

Members who withdraw or take a leave of absence during the season will need to complete a full practice and demonstrate the current skills and current aerobic fitness required to be successful in the group prior to resuming practices with us. 

Medical Leaves of Absence

Withdrawals for medical leaves of absence of 21 days or longer should be made in collaboration with the lead coach at your location. Swimmers on medical leave are not billed for months missed due to the medical withdrawal when it is accompanied by written documentation from a licensed healthcare professional and approved by the lead coach. Upon return from medical leave, please provide documentation from a licensed healthcare professional indicating that the swimmer is medically cleared to return to our swimming program, including documentation of any limitations.

PE Waivers

CAA will verify attendance for swimmers who participate in our program and use our program for a Category 1 or Category 2 PE waiver with their school. Swimmers on a PE waiver must complete the required number of hours as set by Texas state law for CAA to sign their grade attendance reports. Please allow three business days for us to verify your hours and sign your grading reports.

USA Swimming Membership

All members of Capital Area Aquatics must be registered with USA Swimming. Swimmers who have never been registered with USA Swimming will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport as proof of legal name and age prior to starting practices with our team. Fees for transfers, seasonal, and annual memberships are assessed by USA Swimming and South Texas Swimming and are paid directly to USA Swimming by the member via our site or via a link provided to you by our team. (You do not need to contact USA Swimming separately—please use our site or the link we provide.) USA Swimming rules require all swimmers to be registered to participate in any swim team activities, including practices and swim meets. Please understand that failure to provide the needed documentation may result in your swimmer being held out of practice until we can complete the swimmer’s registration.