Practice Schedule Calendar - Instructions


To Use the Practice Schedule Calendar:

  • Click the Roster Group list arrow below the small calendar on the left, and choose your practice group/location (CP = Cedar Park; LW = Lakeway).
  • You can view the practice schedule by day, week, or month, or in a list.
  • If you want to view more than one group's schedule, click the Roster Group arrow again and select the second group. (You do not need to choose a location to view a practice group.)
  • Point to or click a calendar entry to view the start and end times. Days with dryland ("DL") will be listed in the event title. 

To Subscribe to the Practice Schedule Calendar:

  • Click the Roster Group(s) you want to subscribe to.
  • Do *NOT* choose a location or you'll pull in all training groups. 
  • Click the Subscribe button to generate a URL that you can copy and paste into your calendar app. (You need to be logged in to see the Subscribe button.)  
  • Note: It can take up to 24 hours for calendars to update and you may need to periodically re-subscribe to view future schedule changes.

Practice Schedule PDFs:

Practice schedules are subject to change due to swim meets, holidays, and weather issues. Practice changes are listed in the weekly updates and will be updated on the calendar. Note: Our team practices and competes year-round.