Meet Procedure & Entry Policy

The Meets tab lists the (tentative) meets CAA will attend during each swim season.

Approximately one month before a meet, you will receive an email with the Meet Information link. Before the entry deadline, please log into your CAA account and either submit your entries or let us know that you are not attending.

Everyone on the team will receive automatic reminders periodically during the registration period, even after submitting entries or declaring that you are not attending.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MEET FEES: Once the CAA meet entry deadline passes, we cannot refund your meet fees for any reason (injury or illness, scratching, withdrawing, etc.). CAA collects your meet fees and pays them to the meet host when our team's entries are accepted by the meet host. Meet fees are paid to the meet host weeks in advance of the meet. These fees are not refundable to CAA, and therefore, we cannot refund them to you. 


If you are NOT attending the meet, please click the Meets tab, click the Attend/Decline button for the meet, log into your CAA account (if necessary), and then click the swimmer’s name. In the box at the top of the page, click the Declaration drop-down arrow, and then click the “No, thanks, [Swimmer Name] will NOT attend this event” option. If you would like to do so, you can send an optional note to the coach by typing it in the Notes text box. Click the Save Changes button to finish your declaration.

If you have more than one swimmer who is not attending the meet, please repeat the process for each swimmer.


All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming to practice with our team and compete at meets.

To attend the meet, you must submit your entries PRIOR to the deadline. Click the Meets tab, and then click the meet name for more information. Please read the Meet Announcement, which appears in the Forms/Documents section. If you ARE attending the meet, click the Attend/Decline button for the meet, log into your CAA account (if necessary), and then click the swimmer’s name. In the box at the top of the page, click the Declaration drop-down arrow, and then click the “Yes, please sign [Swimmer Name] up for this event” option.

If you have schedule limitations, please indicate the days/times that you cannot be at the meet or any other information you would like the coach to consider in the Notes text box below the Declaration option.

Please select the events you would LIKE to swim by clicking the check box to the left of the event name. The Meet Information will include instructions for the maximum number of swims per day and per meet, and any qualifying times required for events. When you are finished selecting your events, click the Save Changes button. After clicking the Save Changes button, your entries are "pending" until the coach reviews and approves them. If you need to make changes to your entries after clicking the Save Changes button, you can do so by clicking the swimmer’s name, and then clearing the check boxes for the events you do not want to swim, or clicking the check boxes for events you would like to add. (After the coach has reviewed and approved your entries, you cannot change your events using the website. In this case, and if the closing deadline has not passed, please contact your coach to make changes to your events.)

If you have more than one swimmer attending the meet, please repeat the process for each swimmer.

After the closing deadline, the coach will review the events for each swimmer. He or she will approve or reject each entry. He or she may also add, change, or remove events, based on the swimmer's goals and how the swimmer is doing at practice. If the swimmer has signed up for an event that the coach does not want the swimmer to swim, there will be a stop sign next to the event or it will be removed. Approved events will have a check mark next to them. It is important for the swimmer to review the approved events prior to the meet.

NOTE: When a meet has qualifying times, a the times for a swimmer's eligible events will be listed in BLACK. Events listed in RED indicate that the swimmer doesn't have the qualifying time for that event.


A few days before the meet, we will email a Meet Update with additional details about the meet's operations, and post the meet's documents on the meet's page on the Meets tab on the website. When available, we will include links to the psych sheet and timeline, and a heat sheet (when provided by the meet host), along with other items such as warm-up schedules and parking information. Be sure to read the Meet Update prior to arriving at the meet. 

Also, review the psych sheet to make sure your swimmer’s name is listed with his or her events. If your swimmer is not listed in a registered event, contact your coach immediately.


Arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to the beginning of warm-up, find the team area, and be ready to swim. Prior to arriving at the meet, use the heat sheet to write (using a Sharpie) the event, heat, and lane for your events on your forearm. CLICK HERE for more information.

Parents are NOT allowed on the pool deck. This is especially true at UT meets. No parents are allowed on the pool deck unless they are volunteering or working as an official. Badges are issued for these positions. At no meet are parents allowed behind the blocks, in any roped off areas, or on the bulkheads. 

If you run into an emergency on the way to the pool and will be late or absent, please call or text your child's coach. This is especially important if your swimmer is on a relay team.


Shortly after the conclusion of the meet (this can be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week), we will upload the meet results to the CAA website, and, when available, we will email the results to you. To see your swimmer’s results, log in to your CAA account, and then click the My Meet Results link on the left side of the page. If you have more than one swimmer, use the drop-down Member arrow near the top of the page to see his or her results. If the time for an event is underlined, click the time to see your swimmer’s splits for that event in a new window. (Splits are usually available for 100-yard/meter and longer events when the meet host uses touchpads.) All of your swimmer’s results are available on this page, even for past meets.

When the meet host gives awards to swimmers, you can pick up these items from your child's coach.